BI & Analytics Architectures + Success Factors

Informative reading for BI & Analytics managers, data and information managers, project managers, students of computer science and business informatics. The fact is:

  • a comprehensive as well as application-oriented handbook
  • Use and presentation of new technologies such as EAI, virtualization as well as cloud and data lake architectures
  • many practical examples from the world of business intelligence and analytics

In addition to Prof. Peter Gluchowski, Frank Leisten and Gero Presser, other well-known experts from the market such as Markus Begerow also publish information for small and medium-sized companies.

The publication Architectures for Business Intelligence & Analytics sets itself the goal of describing the architectural patterns currently in use, while providing an overview of the technologies currently in use. It not only addresses the architectural frameworks of the major product vendors, but also presents solutions for specific use cases.

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